2017 Celebrate Life Prizes!

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For every $5.00 you donate to the main campaign charity (online donations directly to the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation are what we refer to as the “main campaign”; the t-shirt purchase print run is considered a separate part of the main campaign, even though donations from sales of the shirts are made to the charity at the end of the print run), you will receive one (1) entry for the prize drawings. The donations you make in the amounts you make them each time we also refer to as a transaction.*

The receipts you forward us include all of your donation / transaction information that we need for stellar record keeping since the charity is a 503(c) organization, and we want to ensure we meet all requirements for that status to continue. Also, donations to the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation are tax-deductible.

For example, if you donate $10.00 in a single transaction, you will receive two ticket numbers, donate $15.00 and receive three ticket numbers, and so on. 

BONUS: if you donate $20.00 in a single transaction, you will receive FIVE entries for each $20.00 donated in that single transaction! 

Ticket numbers are generated as per your amount donated in EACH single transaction. You may elect to donate as often as you would like.

For further example, if you donated $100.00 in a single transaction to the charity, you would receive 25 ticket numbers for the donation / transaction. We sincerely hope that is all clear as mud. 😆 

In a RICKshell, the more you donate throughout the course of the campaign, the more chances you have of winning one of our great prizes, including the grand prize! One ticket for each prize WILL be the winning ticket. 

We hope you agree with us that giving to this fine organization for Rick’s 68th birthday is THE best gift of all!

NOTE:  Please be patient to receive your ticket numbers from our Prize Patrol Directors as we all have very busy lives, and have to work on this campaign in whatever free time we have. In MOST cases, ticket numbers for the main campaign donors will be emailed to you within 72 hours of your donation being recorded into our database. Keep your eyes peeled for an email from rsbirthdaygroup@gmail.com which contains your numbers for the donation / transactions you make as part of the main campaign charity.

Stay tuned to our main website and our Social Media avenues for updates and more prizes that can be won. We update this information often.

*Limit one prize per person. All prize winners consent to publication of their name unless notified otherwise at the time of receipt submission. See the PRIZE RULES page for further detail.


Everyone that donates in the main campaign will receive a fun takeaway WHILE supplies last!

Limit ONE takeaway / incentive / thank you gift PER person for the entire campaign.

Be sure to check the Facebook Page for details of other giveaways throughout the campaign.