“Da Rules” on Drawings / Prize Winnings / Takeaways / Incentives for the

2017 Rick Springfield Birthday Campaign CELEBRATE LIFE

  1. Only one prize / prize package per person can be won. Campaign runs from August 1, 2017 through September 15, 2017.
  2. Prize drawing date this year is scheduled for Sunday, September 24, 2017. All winners must respond within 48 hours of when the notification email is sent. (Date and time frame of drawings will be listed on website, Facebook, and our other social media sites beforehand).
  3. Grand Prize arrangements will be made directly with the winner.
  4.  All receipts should be dated before or on September 15, 2017 for online donations, or postmarked by September 22, 2017 for mailed checks or money orders. All eligible submissions must be received before midnight EDT Friday, September 22, 2017. A confirmation email will be sent to you from the rsbirthdaygroup@gmail.com at the time of receipt.
  5. All prize winners consent to publication of their name, unless  they notify us otherwise at the time of receipt submission.
  6. Please note that prizes you may win are being mailed from various different sources, so please allow at least a couple of weeks (possibly longer) after being notified that you are a winner to receive your goodies. We also have to notify the shippers, which we do at about the same time as we notify you.  Your patience is appreciated as it does take some time and effort to get everything packaged together and to the post office.
  7. Takeaways and/or incentive offerings (SWAG) are while supplies last, and are provided at the time and expense of some of the team’s organizers.  Only one takeaway and/or incentive item for person, no matter how many donations are made.
  8. This year we have a supply of magnets that will be sent out, while supplies last, to those who donate (in any amount), one per person limit. There is also an incentive of two 4 x 6 photos of Rick and one accompanying guitar pick for those who donate $68.00 or more in a SINGLE transaction, while supplies last.Please allow for sufficient time for the contributors of these items to mail them out to you as in the throes of the campaign, we are all extremely busy trying to keep up on the donations.Any random drawings are also at the discretion of the team organizers. The incentive or takeaway items offered are not available for sale or outside of the campaign. Keep checking on the main campaign’s website and various social media outlets for updates on these for 2017.
  9. If you win something you already have, we encourage you to please pay it forward and offer/give it to other fans that may not have what you have or what you just won.
  10. For information on how ticket numbers are assigned for donations / transactions, please refer to the PRIZES page of our website for detailed information.
  11. You do not have to make a donation to receive an entry into the prize drawings at the end of the campaign.  Just email your inspiring Rick Springfield story to Allycen (Ally) Farnsworth at Cockka2s@aol.com, and you will receive an entry into all of the random prize drawings. Posting a comment on the website with your story is wonderful to read, but doesn’t net you a ticket number entry for doing so. We must receive your personal Rick Springfield related story by email.

Disclaimer / The Small Print:  
We will do everything within our power to ensure all winners receive all they were promised with the Grand Prize and any other prize winnings, however, sometimes things or situations beyond our control will occur.  If that should happen, every effort will be made for a comparable replacement.